Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Achane poloru kallananenne aadyam vilichathennnamma..

Achane poloru kallananenne aadyam vilichathennnamma..
Amminja paallunruna kunjine amma villikunnu kallan...

Oodumbol Chadumbol onnamaakumbol kootukar vazhthunnu Kallan
Kaminee Maare commentadikumbol Nannamillaloda Kalla....

Achhenodu ammini teacher paranju padikaan midukanee kallan
Kochu kusharthikal kazhttumbol, ente en ettan villikunnu Kallan

Deepam Valam veche neeram...
Kakathe kavarathe Kallam Parayathe Kallanayi Pande pirrannuu...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sachin's 100th 100

No words to describe this legend’s achievement. Beyond doubt Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has proved to the world as to why he is the best this sport has ever seen. It was truly history in the making and I feel honored and privileged to have witnessed this chapter of cricketing history being engraved in gold.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cricket - The English Tour 2011

India has lost its number 1 position, the series and it's pride with this crushing defeat in three consecutive matches I quote from NDTV. Indians looked as if they could not bowl or field. This I believe is the first series that I have seen India out-beaten in every department like fitness, bowling, fielding, batting, player selection and most importantly decision making. Nobody looked in-charge neither the coach nor the captain.

India lacked an aggressive body language. I heard one commentator say "This is the nicest Indian team he has ever seen. Too polite and too good, unlike the aggressive team under Saurav which anyone would think twice before facing...." Even poor Sreeshanth looked like a tame pussy cat.

One more match in this series and hope they show some metal and aggression.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cricket 2011

These are my first thoughts to be uploaded in 2011 and it’s about Cricket, Cricket and more Cricket! I love this sport and I am proud to be one of the billion commoners from India to be a huge fan of this sporting extravaganza.

India has most definitely a good chance of making history on home ground, but the pressure of a billion aspirations and hope on the team is so huge that I feel sorry for them. Me being from a Basket Ball background quite understand what is going through the mind of each member of the team. In my view what would disturb the team most would be the cost of non-performance. Many fans unfortunately are so unsporting that in a gify they could forget all the good that a sport star has done till now.

Two days back I was fortunate to meet and talk to Dale Stein at an event in Bangalore. He was brilliant and amazingly composed. Team India needs to be cool and composed. Never loose your cool like the immature Shreeshant, whats he trying to prove? Who is he angry at?

I quote

"Anger of the mind is poison to the soul" - unkown....

"Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burned. - Buddha"

My thought at end of today is “Please keep cool and its only sport” and may the best team win!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Football a true world sport.... Waka Waka, Wavin Flag

A look at this year’s “FIFA 2010” prompted me put down thoughts.

Football had always a sense of magic around it, nothing to beat the euphoria and excitement around this game. I am a diehard Maradona fan and of lately little Messi's. Unlike any sport, the long lasting impact is huge. Every season comes up with a completely new theme blowing fire into players, fans and organizers alike. It comes in the form of hit songs, a new Adidas Jabulani, the venues, the jerseys and each component has its own story.

Coming to us, we too have cricket, but the impression that the cricket world cup leaves us with is in reality quite short lived. IPL is making wonderful and unique attempts in branding cricket in a positive direction and I hope it continues to grow ad-mist recent controversies .

But the Indian government and our people have to look urgently at the future and bringing up a brand new generation in sports. We need more quality sports facilities especially around residential areas. Parks are good, but we need stadiums, grounds and indoor facilities. I was recently looking at a place to play basket ball around my home. Not one available anywhere around. There are a few premium clubs, but who can afford its membership?

With out proper facility, many sports are dying in this great country.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

T20 and India

A miserable performance from the champions and dreams of a billion Indian goes crashing down. It was a shame to see India play the way they did in the super eight and as a spectator it felt that most of them did not know even the basics of cricket. We performed below par in almost every aspect of the game, starting from bowling, and batting, fielding. The running between the wickets was a disgrace, so bad that Ravi Shastri even commented on it. Clearly there were neither strategies in place nor any contingency plans.

The answer for this poor play I believe was simple

  1. 1) Lack of practice
  2. 2) Poor selection

Blame it on the IPL, blame it on the parties or anything else, but one week of practice is definitely not enough to go into a tournament, definitely not the world cup. The IPL should have got over at least 3 weeks before the world cup or at least the playing 15 should have been released like other countries did. This was a mistake by the BCCI, the team management, the coach and the captain. They should have realized that they are going to the West Indies, where pitches never favored India and planned a proper coaching and practice schedule.

I remember when we used to go for school basketball tournaments; we started exclusive practice at least 3 weeks before although we played every day.

All said and done, we are always a good team and will always be champions. We have 2011 coming up and we have to stay focused and not let IPL, ICL or anything distract the Indian team.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Educational Reform - One entrance exam for science colleges

Well done Mr. Sibal and your team!

I believe this should have happened ages back. Its a great start to educational reform. right now students are sick of writing multiple exams to get into various institutions. CAT has proved to be a success story! why not science institutions?

You can't keep dividing rural and urban India, the gap must be bridged along with other reforms. Sibal is intelligent and surely good reforms will follow.

I wish and pray that they do something similar for school nursery admissions as well :). It's a nightmare for parents applying.